Victoria’s Birthday

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For Victoria’s birthday we went to Olive Garden. Olive Garden is a great restaurant for adults. Luckily our party was large enough that they had to give us a private room (we only had to wait an hour four it) and the kids could run around a bit. They needed it after having to sit and wait an hour for a table. Part of the birthday celebration included cake and the waiters singing to Victoria. I don’t think she knew what to think when they started singing. Her expression bordered on scared to death. [singlepic=370,400,400] But she was intrigued by the candle.[singlepic=371,400,400]

All I Want

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Laurie has been bugging me for a list of what I want for Christmas. Apparently I am hard to shop for…

well, lets see…

I drool over all the tools in the Lee Valley catalog until the pages are yellow. I linger in the woodwork section at Barnes and Noble until I am forced to leave by tugging toddlers or a frustrated wife. I could spend days inside the science stores at the mall. I live for Nova, I cannot wait until I don’t have classes on Tuesday nights. I listen to country music and NPR religiously. Speaking of that, has anyone heard the new album by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss? I’d love to know if it is any good. The only thing that helps me relax after a day at the office is time outside in the garden. I really want to have a garden worth envying in the front yard. It is too drab. I love to cook when I have time and energy. I could sit and read a cookbook just for the ideas. I really enjoy making bread. I enjoy eating it more! I don’t sit much, unless I have homework to do. I wear out my pants quite quickly. I go through at least 3 pairs a year. I love hiking and camping. I really love taking pictures when I go camping or hiking. I don’t like doing laundry, but I hate not having clean clothes. I enjoy brain puzzles. Like the ring between two horseshoes. I would love to make wooden puzzles. Like the cube with 10 interlocking pieces. That is a world most people are not aware of. Ask me about it sometime.

I think the perfect gift is something small and thoughtful. Something that will mean the world to the person receiving it. This will require careful listening and paying attention to that person. Giving good gifts is a talent. Sometimes giving the perfect gift may require a sacrifice from the giver. It is worth it.

So …

Laurie, there are some ideas. Keep in mind that all anyone really wants is someone to pay attention to them, love them, pamper them. The perfect gift is a way to show someone not only that you care about them, but that they are worth the time and effort to pay attention to.


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Here are photos of the kids on Halloween. (click to see full size image)


but Love is Best

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Thank you Laurie. I love you. I may not agree with everything you said about me, but it makes me feel special to know how you feel. I do love you and Hannah and Victoria, and they do come in second place, a close second most of the time, but you will always be first. Laurie, the following is for you.

I think of all the times that we’ve shared,
the places we’ve been, the weather we’ve fared,
I know that we’ve made it through because you’ve had me,
and I’ve had you.

I’m grateful for the gift of each new day,
adventures to have, more time to play,
I know that we make it through because you have me,
and I have you.

The future will bring sorrow and tears,
along with joy, through all our years,
and I know we’ll make it through because you will have me,
and I will have you.

I love you Sweetheart.

(Laurie’s Post)

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