The Birds and the … er Birds

November 1, 2010 · Posted in Family 

This evening the kids and I were all outside enjoying the cool air and the peacefulness that outside brings to the baby.  The two older girls were playing on the swing and the baby was watching the airplanes overhead.  I noticed some birds on the fence, and pointed them out to our girls, who love birds.  The baby started to cry, and the older kids started cooing and whistling trying to talk to the birds.  I was surprised that the birds didn’t fly away.  The girls had differing view of what they were doing.  The birds were facing each other and the left one would move toward the right and the one on the right would move back.  Then the one on the right would go left and it would move back, this repeated over and over and over (like 10 minutes of this) and they never flew away.

One of the girls thought they were playing tag, the other said they are mommy and daddy birds making a nest.  All of a sudden they shot up into the air and started “hugging” as they fell towards the earth only to let go just in time to keep from smashing into the ground.  Turns out the second one was mostly right.

It’s not everyday you see “National Geographic specials” in your own back yard. Not living in the suburbs, anyway.


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