Chicken Feeder

August 19, 2013 · Posted in Chickens, Engineering, Photography 

When we got the chickens I soon tired of refilling the small feeders every couple of days, so, being the miser that I am, I soon built a feeder with a 5 gallon bucket and a planter tray.  This was a nice improvement, a couple weeks worth of feed could be placed in the bucket and I didn’t have to worry about it so often.  The only problem was that the birds spilled a large quantity of feed onto the ground.  They think they are spoiled and refused to eat it off of the ground.  I was fed up when they were going through 5 gallons of feed in one week.  6 birds should not be able to eat that much, and most of it was wasted on the ground.  Not wanting to spend a large amount of money on a bigger commercial feeder I came up with my own solution.  Again it involved a 5 gallon bucket (a re-purposed one that used to hold their water (That upgrade will follow in another post), some PVC pipe, and a cheap metal feeder.  I cut a hole in the bucket to accept the pvc pipe, and a hole in the feeder to accept the pvc pipe.  After a 45 degree cut in the pvc pipe to allow the feed to flow into the feeder, and some pvc connections, it works great.  Only when spoiled or wet feed clumps together in the pipe clogging up the process do I have to get in and clean everything out.  Otherwise, the bag of feed now lasts about 5 weeks, longer than ever before, and there is virtually no spillage or spoilage.  Happy birds make happy, healthy eggs!


Outside of coop portion.



Inside of coop portion.



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