Uh oh!

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Should I be worried?


List of Numbers

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The first line on Wikipedias page List of Numbers says:

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Ha Ha.  Will it ever be complete?

On another note: did you know that there are cultures around the planet that don’t use the decimal system?



If only…

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Funny Signs

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You might have to right click the image and select ‘view image’ or equivalent.

“Ice Cold Ice”

I saw this marquis in St. George a few weeks ago. I wonder if there is ice that isn’t ice cold.

Funny Kids

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On July 4th we went to Laurie’s family reunion early in the morning.  After we got back the kids decided they wanted to take a nap…on the kitchen floor.

funny kids

The next day Victoria went into her room wearing normal clothes.  This is how she came out.  She must have had some help from  her sister.

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