Happy Birthday Linux

August 25, 2011 · Posted in Engineering, Friends, Tools 


Today you are 20 years old.  We have become good friends since I met you 12 years ago. You have grown quite a bit and are quite capable now, and I have grown to understand you quite well.  You have been a much better friend than Microsoft as you don’t hide things from me, and you serve me just how I need you to. You let me tell you what I need you to do and you do it.  Microsoft asks me what what to do but doesn’t do it how I request.  So I left him behind in favor of better company.  You keep me safe from the malevolent youths of our era, and keep viruses and spies away from my family.  You even keep my wife’s friend Microsoft safe, safe from himself sometimes.  I’m not too fond of him but she is, so I tolerate him to the best of my ability, thank you for working with him even when he doesn’t want to work with you.  So you know I do have to give him the boot every day, or he becomes unable to function, I’d rather not do it, he is slow to go down and slow to get back up and I feel like it is a daily waste of time.  If I don’t monitor him while he gets back up sometimes he falters and is still down when I come calling.  Perhaps being slow and stupid is part of his upbringing.  I don’t think I have ever had to give you the boot except when I have had to move you, and you always have come back quickly.  For your kind and faithful service I thank you.

Your Friend,

Server Admin


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