Mt. Ord Trip

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The communication towers on Ord.

View towards Bartlett Lake

View to the southwest.

Roosevelt and Four Peaks

A john in the woods.


What mountain top expedition would be complete without a little radio action? (check out the antenna mounted in the bed.)

Some Wildflowers

View of tonto basin.

Fodder trial 2

March 25, 2013 · Posted in Updates · 1 Comment 

Here we go again. This time I am using 9oz of grain, soaking for 24 hours, and I put a couple drops of bleach in the soak water to try to counteract any mold.  I wont put up photos every day. Just the final weight on Monday. Hopefully a longer soak will make a little bit of difference.

End of fodder test

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Well, I got 39oz of fodder to my 10oz of barley. Not quite the 8:1 I have heard about, but 4 times isn’t bad for a first run. There are quite a few grains not sprouted, I would say up to 20 percent or more. Maybe a longer soak or a different container would make a difference. For now hopefully the chickens will enjoy it.


I think they do, of course they always run up to me when I go out there, but it looks like they have been eating the barley.

Fodder day 2,3,4

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Here are photos of the fodder growth, I split the 10oz of seeds into 2 1 gallon ice cream tubs. Hopefully that will allow just the right amount of room for them to grow.  The seeds were layered roughly 1/2 inch deep in the tub. I had drilled 1/8 inch holes all over the bottom of the tubs for drainage.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Half way through, hopefully they grow more the next 4 days than they have the last 4 days. The ulitmate goal is for the fodder to weigh 8 times as much as the seed, thus turning a 50 lb bag of grain into 400 lbs of feed. Usually 50 lbs feeds my flock for 3 to 4 weeks as they mostly eat grain. However with all the weeds we have been feeding them and they have been grazing on they are slowing down a bit on the grain. But with a good fodder system 50 lbs will feed for 6 months or more, cutting way down on the cost of feeding these eating machines.

Uh oh!

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Should I be worried?


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